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Deadbolts & security

There are many options to improve the security of your house, but deadbolts seem the most straightforward. But are they worth it? And can deadbolts really increase the security of your house without much effort?

This blog covers everything you need about adding deadbolts at your doors.

How deadbolts increase security in your home

Here are some reasons why a deadbolt is a good idea:

They're strong. However, they are much easier for criminals and give them an easy way into your home. Deadbolts are stronger and harder to break through because they are made from stronger materials. Because they fit into doorjambs, they provide greater protection.
They are simple to install. While they're easy to put in, if you don’t have the right tools or the time, a locksmith will be able to help you.
They're inexpensive. These deadbolts are an affordable way to increase your home's security. When you consider how much money you'd spend if an intruder broke into your house, the extra labor fee is worth it.
Now that we know the benefits of deadbolts for your doors, let's take a look at the different types.

Deadbolts to fit your home
There are three main types you can use at home to install deadbolts:

Single-cylinder deadbolt. This deadbolt has a twist knob. It is the most commonly used type. The deadbolt will be installed by your locksmith inside your door. This is not the best option if your door has glass panels. Intruders can break the glass to unlock the deadbolt.
Double cylindrical. This deadbolt can be mounted internally too, but there is no twist-knob. Each side of the deadbolt requires a key to unlock it. If you have glass panels on your door, this will make it more secure. An intruder can't reach in and twist the door. Be sure to keep the keys close at hand in case of an emergency like a fire.
Without a keyhole. This advanced deadbolt comes with a keypad. This allows you to choose a unique code for the deadbolt making it harder for an intruder. Also, you won't have to worry about lost keys or theft.
In conclusion
You can make your home safer by adding deadbolts to your security. While traditional locks can be opened easily with tools such as crowbars or other tools, deadbolts are much more difficult to open. Deadbolts deter criminals and protect your home and possessions.

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