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Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Equipment Installation in Ottawa, ON


Safer Home with Surveillance


At Lock-tech Security Solutions, we take surveillance activities to a higher level by making sure, even a private residence gets the professional level technology-based smart home security. Our cameras are powered by industry leaders like, Qolsys, Honeywell, and DSC which ensures quality and trust for achieving a respectful space in the users’ minds for years now.


Whether you are at home or far away, with the security cameras installed at your home in Lock-tech Security Solution's Ottawa and surrounding areas, you can always know who is entering or exiting your home. You can even check the app to see the whole day’s events at a later time. While an indoor camera will record moments happening at each corner of the house and save the videos for future usage, the smart home app installed on your phone will allow you access to those HD videos captured by the CCTV cameras.



Interested in Installing a Camera Surveillance System?

What do you think? Are you interested in installing a video surveillance system on your business property? Looking for surveillance system installation services? We here at Lock-tech Security Solutions are the people to see.


We offer a variety of different types of surveillance systems and can accommodate all types of business properties. Regardless of your needs, our team can help you.


Best price guaranteed on products & Installation

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With advancements in technology, Helios Security Systems can install high-definition security cameras from 1080 to 4k+ resolution at affordable prices. The cost for these types of cameras has made them more accessible even for residential budgets.



Remote and fully automated alarm systems keep your home or business secure and under a watchful eye even when you are far from home. Whether you have a business or just for your home; your primary consideration must be protection and life safety.

Why Choose Lock-tech Security Solutions vs. other companies in Ottawa, ON?

In business for over 20 years since 2003.

We are a family-owned and operated business.

Our service department has one of the quickest response times in Ottawa.

We don’t stop at installation, we offer a lifetime technical support

We are certified security installers of security systems designed by Digital Watchdog, Honeywell, Hikvision, and Sony.




Security Cameras 

The more measures you take to insure your business / residential property the better; for insurance purposes, for potential buyers, and for all those passing through your property throughout the day (staff, guests, outside viewers). And most importantly CCTV is a major warning sign for potential burglars, among others. CCTV / smart gates security systems/security systems usually indicate to outsiders that ‘Someone’s Watching’, it’s not just the visible guards to avoid.

Lock-tech Security Solutions offers a whole rounded locksmith service that make sure you stay up-to-date with the best locksmith and security gadgets available on the market today, but on top of everything else, we care about reliable, strong, cost-worthy solutions! That’s why we stick with CCTV rather than DIY systems that rely on Wi-Fi; you see, sometimes visible security is a good thing, the minute one of the cameras gets shot down – you know there’s a security breach! And everyone passing by your property knows you know it as well; no employee would even think about stealing/leaving an unlocked gate / commit any other prohibited actions, and most common burglars would rather move on then handle a CCTV. 


We’re more than happy to offer free advisement in regard to security cameras and CCTV locksmith services in Ottawa! Don’t worry – we’ve got

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